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New WSOP Rule Should Help Reduce Dealer Abuse

14 May 2009, By: compncards

A big change in the rules at the World Series of Poker this year involved instituting a Player Code of Conduct. Now, a player can be penalized not only for abuse to other players, but also to dealers and floor staff.

I think this is a fantastic policy that has been instituted. One thing that really irritates me is how that some players will treat dealers like dirt. Certain pros are guilty of this as well. I was watching the WPT the other night and David “DevilFish” Ulliott was all-in with A-10 and Eugene Katchalov called with A-J. After the cards were flipped, Ulliott looked at the dealer and sarcastically replied, “You’re the best.” After the board was dealt, he offered the same snide remark to the dealer and then went to shake his opponent’s hands.

The dealers have absolutely no control over the outcome of the hand, so why treat them like they are stiffing you. I really hate when people turn their frustration onto the dealer. Sadly, the late John Bonetti was much the same way. In fact, it was said that if you had never been cursed out by John Bonetti, then you were never a dealer.

I played with John in 2006 and got along with him great, but I did get to witness his treatment of dealers first hand. It got to the point that one dealer told John that he would meet him outside. Granted, it would not have been much of a fight as the dealer was 30 to 40 years John’s junior, but the fact remained that John went over the line. Eventually, John was kicked out of the tournament for mouthing off at a floorman.

I personally think that this rule will help to some extent to lessen the abuse that the dealers take during the Series, but it will not eliminate it. Some people are going to be asses, and you can’t change that. However, I applaud the WSOP on taking steps to try and improve the situation.

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