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The New Face for "The Agony of Defeat"

12 July 2014, By: compncards

Imagine you're on the bubble of the World Series of Poker Main Event with a stack of about 220,000 and you pick up pocket queens.

You could sit back and try and cruise into the money, but you're here to win dammit. Time to get some chips.

An opponent raises and you call along. One other player calls.

The flop falls, Qd-5d-Kd.

Awesome! A set! Time to slow play and get max value. Your opponent bets 32,000 and you call.

The turn falls a five. Fantastic! A full house. Time to double up.

You check and your opponent moves all-in and has you covered.

WTF? Now you start your own version of Phil Ivey's Full Tilt commercial in your head.

Does he have pocket kings? Why did he raise pre-flop? When the diamonds fell, did he bet to get a read or was he value betting. Maybe he flopped a flush and was just betting his hand. This guy did go deep last year and it is the bubble. He might just be picking up pots. 10-1,4-1, wtf am I talking about I don't have my caluclator with me. I have queens-full dammit. I like my chances.

You call.

Since it is hand-for-hand, you have to wait for other tables to finish. After they're done you finally get to show your hands.

You turn over your hand to show your awesome full house and he has F**K!!! HOW THE HELL DOES HE HAVE POCKET FIVES THERE. SON OF A BITCH!!! IM GOING TO F**KING BUBBLE!!

All you can do is look stunned after losing over 200k in chips on the bubble.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you John Dwyer, poker's newest "The Agony of Defeat" poster child.

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