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My Thoughts on the Current TOC Top 20

19 April 2010, By: compncards
Cloutier 199x300
Cloutier 199x300

So the top 20 in voting thus far has been released by the WSOP. Let's take a look and my opinions on the current top 20.

Doyle Brunson - Of course he was going to be in the top 20. I voted for him too.

Johnny Chan - I voted for Chan. Tied for 2nd in bracelets.

T.J. Cloutier - I voted for T.J. Hopefully he doesn't pawn his seat to someone.

Allen Cunningham - People need to quit copying my ballot.

Antonio Esfandiari - This is clearly a popularity vote. Yes, Antonio is a good player, but I don't consider him a WSOP all-star.

Sam Farha - I didn't vote for Sammy, but I did expect others to since he was basically "the guy that lost to Moneymaker."

Chris Ferguson - 3rd all-time in cashes should be in this game. I voted for him.

Barry Greenstein - It is hard for me to vote against Barry as I really like him and his game, but there are others I think should be in this game over him. However, if he makes the final 20, I won't be too upset.

Joe Hachem - Joe is popular. I get that. He has had success outside of his Main Event win. I don't think he quite stacks up as a WSOP "all-star."

Jennifer Harman - I'm a little ticked that Jen has gotten the vote over players like Barbara Enright, but then again, we have the American Idol syndrom. Jen is a great player, but there are others more deserving in top 20. With that said, if it was top 30, I would vote her in.

Dan Harrington - I'm glad to see people take my lead and vote Dan in this game. He performed one of the greatest feats in WSOP history making the final table of the 2003 and 2004 WSOP Main Event. He is also a former Main Event champion.

Phil Hellmuth - Blah, blah, blah 11 bracelets. Blah, blah, blah most cashes and final tables. Blah, blah, blah, I voted for him.

Phil Ivey - Ivey pwns poker, you don't. I'm an Ivey homer. Of course I voted for him.

John Juanda - I like John and he did win the WSOP Europe Main Event, but I can think about ten players I would put in before him.

Howard Lederer - I attribute Howard with getting me interested and started in Limit Holdem. I truly respect this man and his game, but did not vote for him. Others have done more in my opinion.

Daniel Negreanu - Damn popularity votes. Yes, he has four bracelets. Yes, ratings go up with him on TV. However, has he really done anything else really spectacular at the WSOP? Has he made history like Barbara Enright and others? No. He will likely get in, but not cause of my vote.

Scotty Nguyen - You gotta love Scotty, baby. Even if you don't, you got to respect what he has done in the game. Only man to win the WSOP Main and the $50,000 HORSE (now Player's Championship.)

Greg Raymer - Part popularity, part kick ass poker player. 2004 Main Event champ and 30th in 2005. Has had a great track record at the WSOP since. Great ambassador for the game. Actually taught me a couple good lessons on being aggressive in 2007 in a brief amount of time. I voted for him.

Huck Seed - I didn't vote for Huck and while he is a former Main Event champ and has won multiple bracelets, he just didn't stack up enough.

Erik Seidel - Eight bracelets. How many people in the top 20 outside of the Brunson, Hellmuth, Chan, and Ivey will even sniff eight bracelet. None in my opinion. With Ivey, Seidel could one day catch and pass Hellmuth. Mad respect for his game and is why I voted for him.

Noticeable omissions from the top 20:

Chris Moneymaker - Yeah, he isn't in the Top 20.  I am really surprised he isn't.  At the same time, I am glad to see people recognize that he really hasn't had much of  a track record outside of his Main Event win.  However, the fact that many of us are even talking about poker is because of him.  Would this event be played had he not won in 2003?  I doubt it.

Barbara Enright

Billy Baxter

Layne Flack

Jay Heimowitz

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