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My Event 26 at the WSOP

13 June 2009, By: compncards
startingchips 300x225
startingchips 300x225

I played in Event #26 on Saturday, which was the $1,500 Limit Holdem event. To sum up my day in one word…ugh. I have not seen such a weird bunch of suckouts and outdraws in a row in my life.

Limit Holdem is famous for its bad beats and people sucking out, but I have never in my life seen 10 sets outdraw in the court of 2 hours at one table. Just to give you an idea of how ridiculous it got, by the turn, the board was J-2-10-J-3 with three hearts. The turn and river all capped. The first players showed J-9 for a set of jacks. The next plays slams down A-J for a set with an ace. The third player tables 10-4 hearts for a flush and the last play tables pocket threes for a rivered full house.

Three of the above sets were held by me. Twice, a guy calls three bets cold with garbage and flops the world. I flop a set of aces and he flopped a flush with Q-2. I flop a set of fives and he flops a straight with 6-7. I then turn trip kings and two people rivered a flush. I was down to 800 chips at level 3 and pretty much resigned to an early bustout.

I then catch pocket aces and ….triple up. Amazing. I then get another pot with kings. I’m up to 6,400 and that’s as high as I get all day. Top two pair lost to a set and three people flop top pair with another rivering two pair more or less cripple me. My last hand, I flop top pair and lose to top pair better kick. GG me.

I was a little bummed over my placing but a lot of it came down to a wacky ass table. I have had two other WSOP Limit Holdem events with the same type of players, same types of hands, but not nearly as many outdraws. Amazingly, I still made it to level 7 when I should have busted in level 3. Finished over half way through the field, so it could have been worse.

Problems With Rio Valet Services – Again!

Then of course, I have another run in with Valet Services for the Rio. I say another because I had problems with them two years ago. Two years ago, they told us that people in the events could use Valet even if it was full. They then claimed to have never made that claim and were very rude with how they handled it.

This year, a different spin, but in my opinion just stemmed from laziness. I valet my car when I play in events because I am usually in there late and I have had incidents in the parking lot in the past. Anyway, I park yesterday and there was no problem. I go back last night to get it and there is a not for “let customer get themselves.” The guy with the ticket was puzzled and asked if I had a weird ignition. No. So he goes to get it.

He then comes back and asks me to come with him. He then tells me that if I want to valet there, I will have to clean my car out. What? He says, “You need to have respect for the people in Valet.” First, my car is a little messy, but probably no more so than some of the people that frequent there. I don think that two bag, two seat cushions (which aren’t trash) and two cups count are that much. Do they think the cups will crawl out of their holder and bit them?

They had no problem taking the car and the tip I gave to them when I get there. I asked for the supervisor’s number and will give them a call. However, this is twice I have had issues with them, so I figured I would share it.

Actually, this was only the 2nd time I used them this year. I normally park close to the convention center if there is a spot, but I was running late yesterday and used valet. Great customer service there guys. Let’s see how far it gets you.

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