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More Main Event Shrinkage and All Hail Hellmuth

6 July 2009, By: compncards
phil hellmuth caesar 300x211
phil hellmuth caesar 300x211

The count for the number of players for Day 1c is in. 1,697 players turned out for Day 1c of the WSOP Main Event. Last year 1,928 players turned out. That’s yet another net loss of 231 players. 3,686 players have turned out for the first three days of the event. In order to match the 6,844 players from last year, 2,976 players will have to turn out tomorrow. It’s not happening folks.

I have heard estimates of somewhere around 6,000 players total for the Main Event, which means tomorrow’s turnout will be around 2,300 players. Personally, I am taking the under on 2,300. I am estimating around 2,000 players for tomorrow, which will put the event around 5,700 players.

In all honesty, at the beginning of the series, 5,700 would have probably been a welcome number by some for the Main Event. Initial estimates were around a 15 to 25% drop in overall attendance for the Main and the WSOP as a whole. Instead, only a few events saw shrinkage while some set records for field size. With all things considered, especially the economy, the turnout for the Main Event could really be considered beyond expectation.

Btw, Phil Hellmuth showed up with his Caesar getup today. Umm…ya. You are viewing the picture above correctly. He was carried to the sidewalk and then escorted into the building by 11 female gladiators and 100 muses. There was even a trumpeter to announce his arrival. As he walked, they cast rose petals at his feet.

Well, this definitely fit his ego. What else can I really say to that? He is a much braver man than I to go into the Rio in that outfit. However, if I can have 111 women escort me somewhere, I might give it a try at least once.

As you may have noticed, I haven’t talked a lot about the actual poker being played. The main reason behind that is due to the fact that until Day 2, the stories are next to meaningless. However, one story I will watch during day 2 is Amarillo Slim Preston. He made Day 2 for the first time in many years. While I give him absolutely no shot of making a truly deep run in this, I would love to see him cash in this event.

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