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Least Likely 2010 WSOP Main Event Winner

24 March 2010, By: foldsworth
french antarctic
french antarctic

As you may already know, PJ's science team has figured out who the next WSOP Main Event winner is going to be. Our crack team has used a cutting-edge poker seismograph along with previously unheard-of statistical methods to calculate where the next winner is located and even come up with a name€“ Ron Amos. It's amazing what modern science is capable of!

Based on the geographical location of previous Main Event winners, our crack team deduced that the most likely winner currently resides in a garage in the small town of Quincy. Since Amos apparently doesn'€™t live in a garage, some supplementary calibration of the poker seismograph was needed, but now it appears to work perfectly.

As an experiment and to confirm the accuracy of our crack team'€™s method I set out to locate the least likely WSOP Main Event winner. It was a difficult and extremely time-consuming process, but after several days of hard work I was able to pin down the location. It turned out to be a barren island in the Southern Ocean, on an approximate focal point between Madagascar, Australia and Antarctica.

Using the same post-calibration techniques that our crack team used to find the actual winner, I managed to put a face on the least likely candidate. Thus, I proudly present to you a picture of the least likely world champion of 2010:

Adult female jumping spider of the Salticidae family.

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  • Pinney 24/03/2010 2:06pm (11 years ago)

    Naw, I'm pretty sure it's Helmuth.