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Jonathan Duhamel's Bracelet Returned - Or Rather What's Left of It

17 February 2012, By: compncards
Duhamel Bracelet Destroyed 400x300
Duhamel Bracelet Destroyed 400x300

Well, there is good news and bad news in the Jonathan Duhamel home invasion case.

The good news is that his 2010 WSOP Main Event bracelet has been recovered. The bad news is that it looks like this:

Here is the shot of the back:

My first reaction at seeing this was "Oh, no.  That sucks dude."  After thinking about it a bit, that changed to, "it could have been worse."

Duhamel has got to be bummed that his bracelet was returned to him in this shape, but at least it wasn't entirely stripped of all jewels. At least some recoverable value left in what is left.

On the bright side, @Kevmath tweeted to me that the WSOP said that they would issue a replacement bracelet if the other was recovered/damaged. The report he refers to says that they will replace the bracelet "as needed."  Kudos to them for that.

Still sucks to have the bracelet returned to him in that shape. The only positive spin I can put on it besides the replacement bracelet is that at least it was the bracelet that came back in that shape, and not Duhamel. The bracelet can be replaced.

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