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Jeff Shulman Thinks the Main Event Bracelet is Garbage

21 July 2009, By: compncards
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jeffshulman 300x225

Jeff Shulman was among the nine players that made the final table of the World Series of Poker. After making the final table, Shulman made the statement that if he were to win the WSOP Main Event, he would throw the Main Event bracelet in the trash.

At first, many people thought that his comment was a case of sour grapes. Shulman run and in the past, Cardplayer ran the media updates at the WSOP. Harrah's then decided to sell the coverage to the highest bidder.

When asked about this, he stated, “My comments have nothing to do with that, and everything to do with my disappointment in how the World Series is run. It used to be run by people who loved and really cared about poker, and had the players in mind, first and foremost. That mission’s been derailed by a few executives who now head the Series.”

He also stated, “Look, I love poker and entered with the hopes of winning,” Shulman stated. “But, more importantly, I support making the industry stronger and better for the players, and to do this, there needs to be some major changes to the way the World Series is run at the highest level." "Hopefully, by doing something like this, people will start talking about those changes."

It is real easy for Shulman to make these comments now that he is at the final table. Where were these comment at leading up to the Main Event? Now that he has the media's attention, NOW he spouts off.

Another argument people have brought up is that it didn't bother him enough to not play in the event. Personally, this argument doesn't hold water as the money in the Main Event is so massive that it is worth setting aside your differences.

I think that Shulman needs to shut his trap and focus on playing poker. All he is doing is alienating himself from the WSOP and Harrah's. He said in an interview that his staff were treated poorly when they ran the coverage for the Main Event. If he thinks they were treated poorly then, imaging what will happen if he continues this line of criticism through to November.

Let me know what you think about this? Do you think that he has a legit gripe or is he just trying to get added press heading into November?

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