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Jeff Lisandro Is a Stud

22 June 2009, By: compncards
lisandro 199x300
lisandro 199x300

Jeff Lisandro is a stud….player. 3 bracelets in stud variants? What the hell? I was happy to see Jeff win his first bracelet in 2007 in 7 Card Stud and I thought it was a nice anomaly that he won his 2nd in the same event. Now, he has won the Stud 8 or Better World Championship. It looks as if maybe stud is really his game.

I’ve actually played Stud 8 with Jeff. We both played together for about 5 hours in the 2007 WSOP in the $2,000 Stud 8 or Better. (I outlasted him.) Jeff is a very solid player and it does not surprise me that he would do well in the game, but I will admit I was a little surprised to see him make the Stud 8 or Better Championship final. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s fantastic.

This has me wondering if maybe he should be one of my picks for the $50k H.O.R.S.E. As much as I would like to, I just can’t pull the trigger on this one. While he has two bracelets this year in Stud, I haven’t watched him play enough lately to know if he will do well or not. Granted, if he does do well, it will not shock me. He has been on a heater and it is likely he can carry it into the $50k.

The other amazing thing is that we now have three multi-bracelet winners this year. Will there be a fourth? Will someone sneak up and win a 3rd bracelet? There are still 19 events left. Let’s see what happens.

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