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Jason Senti Interview - November Nine Draws Near

5 November 2010, By: Melissa Castello

Its WSOP final table time! WOW 3 months flew fast by and now we are only days away from having a 2010 Main Event winner. I got a chance to talk to finalist Jason Senti who is short stacked and admittedly the underdog but we all know its poker and anything can happen.

November Niner Jason Senti (

In the last 3 months I’ve been playing some online poker, travelling home to Chicago, and staying as far away from Vegas as possible! Jason Senti, however, took advantage of the last 3 months by watching the ESPN coverage and discussing strategy with fellow poker friend Phil Galfond aka OMGCLAYAIKEN and several other high stakes and tournament players. Senti, like myself and many others, very much enjoyed watching the coverage and used it to pick apart the play of his opponents but also had the awkwardness of watching himself play.

“Sometimes I cringed when I was watching myself, but it was still a lot of fun to see.”

I think the thing that made him cringe the most was folding QQ to Soi Nguyen.

“I have learned quite a bit, the biggest thing was I did not know much about Soi Nguyen when I played with him. I only played with him for half of the last day and I made a really good fold against him which turned out to be pretty bad.”

He’s hoping that people watching the coverage will perceive him as a ‘nice guy’ but thinks he will most likely be seen as weak tight. Hopefully he can use that to his advantage; though with 7,625,000 in chips (15 big blinds) he doesn’t have much breathing room.

Senti knows he’s against some good players at the table and when asked who he thought was favored to win he replied,

“The favorite would have to be Duhamel just because he has so many chips he’s got just tons and tons of chips, either him or Dolan really, just because of how many chips they have and they’re both very good poker players.”

He also admits that he is the underdog but it could be a tossup between him and Soi Nguyen since Soi is the less experienced player.

The celebrity has not affected him too much, though he is not used to the amount of attention he has been receiving. He’s kept busy doing interview after interview and has had several strangers approach him from off the street, in local bars, at a tournament in London, and all over Vegas. Nevertheless he’s managed to keep his Facebook friends to fewer than 400.

“I have received hundreds upon hundreds maybe thousands of Facebook friend requests but unfortunately I’ve had to turn them down; I use Facebook for just people I know.”

Senti is currently in Vegas finishing up some press obligations and final preparations before beginning play this Saturday. He is expecting a full cheering section of friends and family. So far there have been no long lost relatives coming out of the woods in need of money. He is expecting that at some point in the future but for now he says,

“I’m very fortunate to have good people in my life who are willing to come out and support me.”


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