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Ivey's WSOP Prop Bets - May Own Phil Gordon After the WSOP

7 August 2009, By: compncards
ivey doyle 224x300
ivey doyle 224x300

About the only way you are probably going to win any money off of Phil Ivey at the present is via prop bets, and that isn’t looking too good. According to an article from, Ivey is in line to win Millions if he is able to take down the Main Event.

Tom Dwan will lose $1 Million if Ivey wins the Main Event. Andy Bloch will lose around $2 Million, and according to the article, Phil Gordon is “quaking in his boots” at the prospect of Ivey winning.

Leave it to Phil to potentially win as much or more money off of the prop bets than from the game itself. has him at 4 to 1 to win the Main Event. Bet $250,000 and Ivey can make you a Millionaire if he wins. I am so tempted to put some money on Ivey.

Remember one thing folks, Ivey is 7th in chip position heading into the final table. What does this mean? Nothing if he is able to get chips, and most everyone is almost expecting him to. Why? He’s Phil Ivey's bitch. (Complete with his “I’m Phil Ivey's Bitch” button.)

Personally, I hope Ivey can pull it off. If he makes it heads-up, how much you want to bet Phil Gordon coaches Ivey’s opponent. (Ok, he probably won’t do that, but he will want to.)

If Ivey wins, I can see a new Full Tilt commercial coming out:

(Phil Gordon walks into the living room of a fancy house.) Hi, I’m formerly the professional poker player known as Phil Gordon. You may remember me from Celebrity Poker. Now, I am known as Phil Ivey’s bitch. Why? I prop bet Ivey that he would not win the WSOP Main Event and I lost. He now owns all of my worldly possession and my future income until 2015.

See this house? It was mine. Now it’s Ivey’s. See those cars out there? Yup, they belong to Phil.

(Cuts to next scene with Gordon wearing a white shirt with dealer tie on.) Mr. Ivey, what game would you like to play. Seven Card Stud? Good choice sir. Ante’s Gentlemen.

The tagline for the commercial? Don’t be Ivey’s bitch. Learn to play better poker at

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