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Ivey Has Chips - Look Out

14 July 2009, By: compncards
ivey cat 281x300
ivey cat 281x300

Day 6 of the Main Event has concluded and 64 players are left. Guess who is in third place. That’s right, Phil f’n Ivey. With over 6.3 Million in chips, Ivey is in great shape to try and make a run at the final table.

However, Ivey is not the only person with a shot. Antonio Esfandiari is in 6th place with 5.61 Million. There are several other players with legitimate stacks as well. Eugene Katchalov has 3.3 Million, Fabrice Soulier has 3.025 Million, Tom Schneider has 2.89 Million, and Dennis Phillips has 2.3 Million. Blair Rodman and Joe Sebok are also in the field.

I don’t even want to mention his name, but Prahlad Friedman is still alive in the Main Event with 840,000 in chips. I guess the poker gods have decided that his punishment over the ante incident a few years ago is over. This is his first tournament cash since he accused Jeff Lisandro of stealing an ante in the 2006 WSOP Main Event. The funny thing is that this is the series that Lisandro won three bracelets, all in stud. Jeff probably stole antes there too, right? Ok, I’ll cut Friedman some slack. It has been 3 years after all. Besides, he will have to make a nice run on day seven to remain relevant.

But back to the players we actually care about, naturally I want Ivey at the final table. Antonio Esfandiari would be another great player at the table. Joe Sebok is probably the in crowd’s choice, but he needs to pick up some chips.

If Ivey can get some chips and avoid a mega cooler, this could be the year he takes the Main Event. Doyle Brunson said that if Phil won the Main Event this year, he would vote him into the Hall of Fame this year. Otherwise, Doyle says he is still too young. Granted, the voting will happen before the final table is played, but it would be great to see Phil win both the Main Event and be inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame.

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  • coolfoolpaul 14/07/2009 11:16am (12 years ago)

    Cmon Ivey, this is your year. You and your advisory (seen in pic above) can make the hall of fame :D