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Isildur1 Live in WSOP-E – Brilliant Bluff Going Wrong

10 February 2010, By: Charlie River
Victor Blom, main contestant to being the person behind the legendary nosebleed  stakes nick Isildur1, appears in a clip from the 2009 WSOP-E.

Summary of the hand

  • Victor Blom, 19 year old Swede believed by many to be Isildur1

    Hand: K2

    Stack: 250,000

  • Ian Munns, amateur from England

    Hand: A7

    Stack 250,000+



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  • sooyoung 24/03/2010 8:52am (11 years ago)

    Actually it was a really bad bluff by blom and it's ridiculously easy to call his shove. True, there are alot of aces that he can pressure his opponent to fold, but he is representing a hand that he CANNOT have. Remember the announcer commenting on how aggressive Victor had been throughout? Look at the line leading up until that point: Blom opened for a raise and got 3-bet by Munns, he calls and the dealer flops the cards. On the bet-raise-reraise-ship action that followed, blom is trying to take the line that he had AK or 33 and flopped a boat. Look at his line pre-flop; how believable is it that he has AK or AQ? And if he had a medium ace like A9 or AJ, he would have to take time to figure out of his opponent had an ace and how big his kicker was; he shipped immediately without even pausing, so his hand range is AK(which based on preflop action he cannot have), 33(more possible but still highly unlikely), or air, which he will have the majority of the time