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Isildur1 Fears Me

22 April 2010, By: compncards

So Pokerati is going around saying that they have a source confirming that Isildur1 is indeed Victor Blom. They also said that the has a listing on Hendon Mob. I saw this and thought, "Ok, I'll go check him out." I pulled up his profile and....nothing. Just his picture, his country, and an empty profile.

So, as screwy as it sounds, I am higher on the all-time money list at 29,520 than Isildur1. I then thought about it deeper. Isildur1 hates the min-raise. If you look at my list of cashes, all but 2 are in limit poker. The other two are in PL games. Both of my WSOP cashes are in Limit Holdem. So, it occurred to me that Isildur1 fears...ME!

Think about it for a minute. He cannot stand the min-raise, and people have even written songs about his hate of the min-raise. That is all that a limit player does all day long is min-raise. (Unless you're Mike Leah who mixes min-raises in NL Holdem tournaments, but I digress.) You will never see me play Isildur1 heads-up for rolls because he fears my min-raise. He can't handle it. If you can't raise at least 3 times the pot, he feels it isn't worth playing.

So, my dream of playing Isildur1 in Stud 8 heads-up for rolls will never happen. If Isildur1 is watching, I only have one thing to say to him. Do not fear the min-raise. It is your friend. If you were to play some limit poker sometime, maybe you could hold onto some of the money you win on Full Tilt. While I have never won Millions in the nosebleed sections, I have never lost $7 Million in the span of a month.

Don't fear the min-raise, fear your PLO game.

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