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Inflation Proofed WSOP = $60,000 Buy-In

29 May 2009, By: Charlie River
The WSOP Main Event has had the same buy-in for 40 years. Meanwhile, it has lost its status as the most important poker competition.

WSOP Main Event Buy-In at 10 Big Blinds

10K World Championships and 50K HORSE

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  • Derby Lane 02/06/2009 1:09am (12 years ago)

    The buy-in amount isn't what makes this tournament the king of hold-em events, it is the number of players that buy-in at $10,000 creating the top poker money prize that make the WSOP Main Event king..

    An increased buy-in creates a more elite field and with the success of this years $40,000 event we can probably be assured of seeing these at least every 5 years, or an an annual anniversary event. This anniversary tournament, if it does paly out again, might challange the Main Event for the title of king but until the top prize exceeds that of the Main Event there won't be a crowning of a new king.