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Funny Moments from the WSOP Main Event Final Table

8 November 2009, By: compncards
wsop chip 300x291
wsop chip 300x291

I listened to the live audio feed of the WSOP Main Event Final Table via Below are some of the great lines from the broadcast.

David Chicotsky talking about Barry Shulman's involvement in helping Phil Hellmuth coach Jeff Shullman: "Barry Shulman, apparently his opinion is respected now that he has actually won a tournament."

A big hand brewed between Darvin Moon and Steve Begleiter. Moon re-raised Begleiter to $15 Million and then Begleiter moved all in for just over $6 Million more. Moon tanked and Joe Sebok made the following comment:

"If he has a tarot card and a snickers wrapper, he HAS to call."

After Moon folds the hand:

Phil Hellmuth: "OMG"

Sitting at my computer, I go "What the fuck."

Joe Sebok: "I guess he had a tarot card and a Baby Ruth wrapper."

Later, Joe says about Moon, "Is he smoking crack, or is he not smoking crack today."

While the chips were being counted on break:

Phil Hellmuth: "Annie. Does size matter?"

Annie Duke: "I'm with Joe aren't I?" (Meaning her boyfriend, not Sebok)

Joe Sebok: "If I knew we were going to talk Annie's sex life, I wouldn't have come here."

"The button is on Begleiter. And they are shuffling up. And dealing." (Really? How fascinating.)

Talking to Erik Lindgren about a pot he stole that was broadcast on ESPN Main Event's coverage, one of the commentary team asked whether that hand was early in the event. Lindgren's reply: "It had to be early in the tournament. I was still in."

Joe Cada was all-in against Eric Buchman and both had A-K suited. Buchman had clubs. After a club on the flop and club on turn, Cada had a sweat. The river failed to complete Buchman's flush, but the floor person suggested that someone check Cada's chair to make sure everything was kosher. (And didn't need a change of shorts.)

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