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Five Easy 2012 WSOP Predictions Revisited

22 July 2012, By: compncards
Hellmuth Wins 12 430x286
Hellmuth Wins 12 430x286

Back in May, I made Five Easy 2012 WSOP Predictions just prior to the 2012 World Series of Poker kicking off.

With the Main Event now on hiatus until October, I figured it was time to revisit those picks and see whether I hit the mark.

Phil Hellmuth Will Win #12 - Result: Win

Hellmuth finally came through on this one and provided a big win by taking down the $2,500 Razz event this summer.

Of course, I don't think anyone saw him taking the Razz event as #12, but a win is a win.

If Ivey Plays, He Will at Least Tie Johnny Moss - Result: Loss

I was slightly off on this prediction.  With everything that has went on over the last year, I expected Ivey to play a reduced schedule.  When it became apparent that he would play a significant number of events, I figured that this prediction was a lock to happen.

Ivey damn sure gave it his all and made five final tables during the 2012 WSOP.  Unfortunately, a 2nd and 3rd place finish is as close as he got to the bracelet.  Maybe he will pull a Hellmuth and take one down next year in the $1,875 2-7, Badugi, Uno event.

Ben Lamb Struggles in 2012 - Result: Win

Ben Lamb set a dubious record at the 2012 World Series of Poker.  He became the first defending Player of the Year to go cashless at his next WSOP.

With that said, Lamb did play a significantly reduced schedule and focused primarily on cash games.  You really can't blame him though as the cash games are always killer at the WSOP.

Overall Attendance Grows but Some Events Will Suffer - Result: Loss

Normally I would have taken half credit for this prediction, but I made several mini-predictions in this that were somewhat off.

First, I said overall attendance would go up.  It did not.  However, it did post the 2nd largest crowd in history.

I said that you would see dropoffs for up to 25% of events.  Boy was that one off.

It seemed that Black Friday and the economy finally had an impact on the WSOP with many events seeing a dropoff, but fortunately those dropoffs were not significant.

I said the $1,500 Omaha Hi-Lo would not break last year's record.  Fail.

Also, my prediction was right at 100 for the Poker Player's Championship and I was leaning to the under.  Fail as it broke 100.

The only thing  did hit was that Seniors Event numbers would rise.  I guess that's what I get for being blindly optimistic.

Main Event Attendance Will Shrink a Little - Result: Win

This one I nailed as I said that attendance for the main would shrink from 300 to 600 players.

It dropped by 267 players.

A total of 6,598 players came out for this year's lottery opposed to 6,865 last year.  That's roughly a 3.9% drop year-over-year.

Final Result : 3-2

Overall, I'm happy to pull out a 3-2 result for my predictions considering how badly I blew the attendance prediction and Ivey failed, again, to win #9.

I'm holding off on making any predictions on the Octo-Nine until I get more information on the final table participants and I watch their game a bit more.

Stay tuned as over the next week or two I bring you what I felt were some of the best moments of the 2012 WSOP as well as some of the most overlooked moments.


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