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Everest Poker Sues Harrah's Over Breach of Contract

3 April 2010, By: compncards
RTL9 300x211
RTL9 300x211

Check this out. According to Pokerati, Everest Poker has backed out of the third year of its deal with the WSOP as its on felt sponsor. They were scheduled to pay Harrah's over $8 Million this year for the last of a three year deal. However, instead of paying Harrahs, they have decided to sue them for breach of contract.

It seems that the lawsuit is over one station in France displayed a Full Tilt Poker logo for the broadcasts instead of Everest. You read that right folks. One TV station may cost Harrah's Entertainment $8 Million. And as you can see from the screen capture, the claims are indeed true.

I found some video from the 2007 WSOP online and they clearly show the Full Tilt logo.  Can you imagine the conversation between ESPN and their affiliate RTL9?

ESPN Headquarters: Who authorized changing the Everest Poker logos to Full Tilt.

RTL9: That was Pierre. He runs an affiliate site for them.

ESPN: Pierre who? What does an affiliate site have to do with changing the logo?

RTL9: Pierre is our janitor. He needs the money. Who the hell cares. Full Tilt is superior.

ESPN: Who the hell cares? We the hell care. You may have just cost Harrah's $8 Million in revenue.

RTL9: Who cares. We are French. That is how we roll.

ESPN: We care, and you and your entire staff are fired. We will fly in your replacements tomorrow.

RTL9: Le' screw you. We will run reruns of curling until you get here just to piss you off. Viva la resistance!!

Whatever the case, it looks like Harrah's has an opening for an on-felt sponsor.

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