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Dr. Will Noyes Saves a Life - Wins a Poker Tournament

30 June 2015, By: compncards
Dr Will Noyes 200x300
Dr Will Noyes 200x300

On Monday night, there was a medical emergency during the ONE DROP High Roller involving a spectator. Fortunately, there was a doctor playing in the $1,500 NL Event and he was able to offer assistance.

This scenario reminded me of a story conveyed to me a few years back by a couple of old school poker pros and was a great example of the poker gods smiling down on one of the good guys of the game.

Dr Will Noyes, aka the Poker Doctor, was a well known player in the 1990 through the early years of the Poker Boom. He traveled around the poker circuit with his brother Tom and amassed around $500,000 in recorded tournament earnings.

Dr. Noyes' case is one where there are certainly additional earnings out there that just were never recorded due to the record keep practices of events pre-Boom.

This story was conveyed to me a few years back by Detroit Al Green and confirmed by Dr. Noyes himself.

During a poker tournament sometime in the 1990's, a player has a heart attack and apparently stopped breathing. With no medical staff on site, Dr. Noyes jumps into action and starts to perform CPR on the patient while waiting for paramedics to arrive.

According to the story, Dr. Noyes continued to work on the patient until the ambulance arrived and ultimately helped to save the player's life.

After getting the player to the hospital, a sweaty Dr. Noyes comes back to finish playing the tournament.

He wins said tournament.

According to the blog over on, tournament officials stopped the clock to be fair to the physician assisting the spectator in distress.

With any luck, the poker gods will smile on him as well.

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