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Doyle Up to His Old Tricks

21 June 2009, By: compncards
doyle brunson girls 216x300
doyle brunson girls 216x300

Doyle Brunson is past his….oh....he just finished 7th in the Stud 8 or Better World Championship. I have said this before, but it seems that every year that Doyle does something to remind us that he is still one of the greatest of all-time.

Stud 8 or Better is not an easy game at all. Granted, Doyle has been playing it long than most of the field has been alive, but there were a lot of great players in the field. A lot of the game late is running good. Doyle was all-in several times and chopped the pot. If he scoops a couple of those pots, he is still in the event and we might be talking about #11 for Brunson.

Although he isn’t the dominant force as say Phil Ivey is, Doyle still has enough left to win one if not two more bracelets. I can see him getting as many as two more. However, as long as his health and his desire permits, we could see Doyle at the WSOP until he is well in his 80’s.

Johnny Moss is known as the “Grand Old Man of Poker” and he was winning bracelets until he is 80. Even Doyle admitted that Moss was well past his prime when he was playing, and winning bracelets, in the 70’s. Doyle is just now really getting to the point where people are seriously talking about him losing a step. I like to use the quote from Howard Lederer when he said that Doyle losing a step is like saying Michael Jordan had lost a step at the end of his career. He may have lost a step, but he was still better than 80% of the competition out there.

Doyle’s experience alone puts him above 80% of the poker players on the planet. Put the rest together, and I would venture that Doyle is still better than 90% of the players on this planet, and that is poker as a whole.

For those that want to take on Doyle, keep the above in mind. That way you won’t be surprised when he continues to bust your ass at the tables long after most people have entered nursing homes.

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