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Why Are Angle Shooting Allegations Not Considered Verbal Abuse?

20 June 2014, By: compncards
Angle Shooter 430x296
Angle Shooter 430x296

In this age of hyper-political correctness, it seems odd that poker is continuing to allow certain allegations go unchallenged and virtually ignored. Lately, there have been a couple of different incidents where players have been accused of angle shooting. The most recent incident involving Brandon Cantu resulted in a physical altercation during a WSOP event.

And the worst part about the recent allegation was that it came from a person that was not in a hand.

If you and I are in a tournament and I call you a donkey son of a bitch, I get a penalty. However, if I sit here and say you're an angle shooter,  that seems to get ignored.

Which is worse? In my personal opinion, and of many others I am sure, it would seem that being called an angle shooter is worse. You just besmirched a man's character at the table.

Next, if you are willing to sit there and call someone an angle shooter, you should be forced to come out and fully explain how that person is an angle shooter. What did they do that you are practically calling them a cheat at the table.

If a person is not able to come up with a viable answer after making their accusation, they should be penalized for verbal abuse.

A poker player is as good as their reputation and throwing around accusations such as "angle shooter" can go a long way to potentially hurt a player. In the normal world, such accusations would be grounds for slander if proven untrue.

Do angle shooters exist? Sure they do. What I am saying is that you need to be able to back up your accusations with facts. Otherwise we will continue to have incidents like what happened with Cantu .

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