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An Epic Slowroll

13 September 2009, By: compncards

The following video is about the only way you could, or even should get away with a slowroll.

I've never played with Jack, but I did get to watch him live at the 2008 WSOP. This guy can actually play the game. I was rooting for him to do well, but poker is a tough game. He has made it to Day 2 on more than one occasion, showing that he still can hang with the young guns.

I hope we get to see this guy playing at 100.  That would be awesome.

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  • I-PokerJunkie_i 16/09/2009 9:34am (12 years ago)

    I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the show the other week. A beautiful slowroll! Also it made me remember a really nasty, almost criminal, slowroll from the WSOP 2005 in a hand between Jennifer Harman and Cory Zeidman.

    Remember this?