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Amarillo Slim Schools Doyle Brunson for $20K

4 June 2009, By: compncards
slim 192x300
slim 192x300

Amarillo Slim is the king of prop betting and of gambling in general. He has taken Millions from people from prop bets that have ranged from playing pool with a broom to launching a golf ball 1000 yards. The latest in Slim’s prop betting lore involved a scooter race with Doyle Brunson.

During the Champions Event, Slim and Brunson were talking about which of their motorized scooters was faster. Eventually, a $20,000 prop bet was placed and the idea of the race pitched to ESPN. ESPN agreed to tape the race, and so the two raced during the dinner break of Day 2 of the event.

A course was setup in the hallways of the Rio that was said to be the length of three football fields. It is rumored that Slim was seen testing different scooters the night before to see which was fastest. Eventually the race was held and each took their individual turn at the course.

Slim completed the race in 50 seconds. Brunson ran the course a little slower, taking 55 seconds to complete the course. As a result, Slim took home the $20,000.

Of course, if anyone knows anything about Slim, they know he is always looking for an edge. Going into the race, most everyone knew that Doyle had the faster scooter, but Slim made the bet knowing he had an edge. What was his edge in this race? Brunson weighs at least 100 lbs more than Slim and that extra weight would almost surely slow his scooter down.

Slim’s best days in poker may be past him, but he will still find a way to take your money. Two things you should never do are wrestle with a tiger and never prop bet with Amarillo Slim.

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