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All Hail Hellmuth!

29 September 2009, By: compncards
HellmuthGoodLife 300x169
HellmuthGoodLife 300x169

" I’ve always liked Phil Helmuth and have defended his tantrums because that is Phil being Phil, but these grand entrances he makes are too much! He came to my table dressed as Julius Caesar along with trumpets and scantily clad girls. It embarrassed me just being there. I would have liked to applied for the role of Brutus. I am a poker purist and stuff like that detracts too much from what a great game poker is."

The following was an excerpt from Doyle Brunson's blog regarding Phil Hellmuth's entrance to the World Series of Poker Europe. Honestly, while I respect Doyle, I have to disagree with him on this one. While the entrances are over the top, you got to give the man props for doing the insane in an attempt to grow poker. (Yes, I know part of this is to stroke his ego, but if stroking his ego grows the game, so be it.)

InsidePokerMag put up a video of the entrance and two things were hilarious during the video. The following were two direct quotes from Phil:

In talking about his entrances and himself in general, he stated:

"I'm on the edge. And when you're on the edge, you can fall of the cliff."

Phil is on the edge? Ok, sure. Keep believing that. Falling off the cliff...ok, that I see.

The other great quote was when Hellmuth was walking in with a couple of really nice looking "scantily clad women":

" good."

Short, succinct, and to the point. I must say that for once, I was jealous of Phil.

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