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The 2010 WSOP is Just Around the Corner

3 September 2009, By: compncards
wsop 300x225
wsop 300x225

Well, looks like that the 2010 WSOP schedule is on the horizon according to Seth Palansky, the Communications Director for the WSOP. The following are some things you can expect for next year:

1. NO $40k buy-in event. This has had mixed reactions. I think that this was a good gimmick, but a $40k NL event is a bit steep. How about a $20k or $25k? (Do not change the Main Event buy-in.)

2. No Champions Invitiational. Does anyone care other than Tom McEvoy?

3. More $1k buy-in events, maybe as many as 6. I like this idea. I think that the $1k event, while a luckfest, was a great idea. I played it and may even consider trying it again. Of course, I would like to see a couple mixed games with a $1k buy-in. If that were to happen, I would definitely be there.

4. Odds are that players will be assigned Main Event days. After last year's Main Event, I think this is a good idea.

5. More space is coming. I like this idea too. I don't like the fact that an event sells out. Let as many as you can into the WSOP. Let's grow this puppy!

6. Earlier release on the schedule. When asked, Palansky stated the schedule would come out "in the fall for sure." Fantastic! This gives us plenty of time to evaluate the schedule and plan for next year. I like it!.

Hopefully there will be some reasonable priced mixed events for the 2010 WSOP. Do I detect a bit of excitement about the 2010 WSOP now? Maybe! C'mon, let's do a $1k H.O.R.S.E. or 1k Mixed people!!

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