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8 July 2009, By: compncards
capttom 226x300
capttom 226x300

The final count for the Main Event was 6,494. Day 1d of the Main Event drew a staggering 2,809 players and a ton of controversy. If you haven’t already heard, Day 1d of the Main Event was sold out. In addition over 500 players were turned away due to lack of space.

Many players are asking, “How could this happen?” Players were pissed because they could not register for the Main Event. Meetings were held and options were discussed for getting these players in the Main Event and Jeffrey Pollack and Co. came up with the final and appropriate decision. To paraphrase, a lack of planning on player’s part does not constitute an emergency on theirs.

I agree with the fact that they stood by their guns regarding the registration. Players had more than ample opportunity to play on Day 1a, 1b, and 1c, but yet chose to wait until 1d to play. I don’t care if it was the July 4th weekend. They knew there were four days and yet chose to wait.

As a result, the WSOP Main Event numbers shrunk when it appears that they may have grown. Granted, I think that next year that this will not happen as they will find a way to accommodate or getting through people’s thick skulls that waiting until the last minute is a bad thing.

Amazingly, in the end, it was not the economy, the prize pool, or any other external force that reduced the Main Event numbers. In the end, laziness and procrastination by the part of players caused a reduction in overall numbers. GG guys.

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