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2011 WSOP November Nine Pre-Game - Let the Partying Begin and Prop Bets

6 November 2011, By: compncards
November Nine Final 401x300
November Nine Final 401x300

The day is here!  Fans are now filing in for the 2011 WSOP November Nine and from all reports, they are already getting rowdy.

Here is a sneak peek of the final table set courtesy of Bernard Lee's twitter.

As mentioned before, the crowd are already getting a bit rowdy.  Andrew Feldman provided this shot of the crowd.

Friends, family, and fans of the various November Niners are showing up, and most of them are wearing their rooting interests on their sleeve.  Literally.  The following pics are all courtesy of Andrew Feldman.

The first is a Team Holden member.  They are all wearing wigs to support their man.

Next we have an Eoghan O'Dea fan.  A bit more subdued, must like his style of play.  Still plenty effective.

Here are some Phil Collins fans.  Their shirts all say Yeaahhhp.

Of course, the WSOP would not be complete without the WSOP's Tournament Director Jack Effel.

Action kicks off in an hour on TV, or at least that is the plan.  These things seldom start on time, but maybe we will today since the live broadcast.

Personally, I have various $5 bets on this final table.  They are mostly last longer bets.  I have a $5 bet with Kevmath on a last longer with Pius Heinz against Eoghan O'Dea.  (Book the win for me.)  I also have a $5 last longer with AsianSpa with Ben Lamb against Eoghan O'Dean.  (Book the $5 as well.)

I'll be around all evening with reports on the action at both the November Nine and online.  I'll also probably hustle up a few more bets.  Free money is always nice.

Shuffle up and deal already!!!

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