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2011 WSOP November Nine Dinner Break - Collins Out, Bari Booted and Puppies Saved

7 November 2011, By: compncards
Collins 430x286
Collins 430x286

The November Nine are in the second half of their dinner break and we are down to just four players left.

The other half of my heads-up match is out of it, leaving me with just Matt Giannetti left to make it to the final three.

Phil Collins got his last 19 million into the middle after three bet shoving with Ad-7d.

Pius Heinz woke up with nines and made the call. Much like his hand with Ben Lamb, Collins had a ton of outs on the turn with both a straight and a flush draw.

He missed the river and was out in 5th place.

On a side note, we have had our first ejection of the November Nine in Allen Bari. Bari was being belligerent and had been warned for cursing.

He didn't listen, so Jack Effel gave him the ban hammer. The crown chanted "Na na na na, hey hey, Goodbye" as he left.

Pius Heinz continues to lead, but now has built an 85 million chip stack. Matt Giannetti is 2nd with 50.3 million.  Ben Lamb is right behind with 46.3 million and Martin Staszko is the short stack with 23.9 million.

After Ben Lamb's suckout against Eoghan O'Dea, I have placed a special bounty on Ben Lamb's head. If someone knocks out Lamb in 4th place, I will donate $10 to the Nevada SPCA.

Special thanks for AsianSpa for the idea. He asked me to donate his $5 prop bet winnings to the organization, and that gave me the idea for the bounty.

Also, Matt Murphy will also be donating his $5 winnings to the SPCA.

Stay tuned, as I will bring you one final update a little later once we find out who makes the final three of the 2011 WSOP November Nine.

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