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2011 WSOP November Nine Day 1 Final - Ben Lamb Luckboxes His Way to Final Three

7 November 2011, By: compncards
Luckboxen 2 430x286
Luckboxen 2 430x286

The final three of the 2011 WSOP November Nine has been reached. Unfortunately, Ben Lamb luckboxed his way there.

I say luckboxed because he was all-in and behind yet again four-handed and sucked out yet again.

If you missed it, it was Lamb shoving with A-7 of diamonds and running into pocket jacks from Matt Giannetti.

Lamb then proceeds to flop a flush draw and turn the flush to cripple Giannetti.

If that wasn't bad enough, Giannetti was later all-in with A-3 and Lamb actually picked up a legit hand with pocket kings.

Of course, the suckouts apparently all belong to Lamb as Lamb proceeded to flop quads. Must be nice.

Anyway, Lamb makes the final three of the November Nine.  Pius Heinz extended his chip lead to over 100 million and Martin Staszko is still hanging around, but in striking distance with 42million.

The chip counts are as follows:

Pius "It's not a penis" Heinz                   107,800,000

Ben "Luckboxen" Lamb                        55,400,000

Martin "Ivan Drago" Staszko                 42,700,000

I said in my predictions that Heinz's aggression would either get him a ton of chips or ship him out the door.

I just happened to pick the wrong direction it would take him. Staszko showed me a lot in his ability to stick around despite his lack of overall experience.

Ben Lamb showed me that he has perfected the art of sucking out.

Ok, in fairness he did play pretty decent, but if he wins he will get more credit for "great play" than the reality that he got it in bad twice and both times got lucky.

Such is poker. Actually, such is No-Limit Hold'em.

Come back Tuesday as the final three battle it out for the bracelet and $8.7 million. Maybe I can make some of my prop bet losses back.

Action starts at 5:30 PM in Vegas and 6 PM on ESPN and

See you then.

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