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2011 WSOP November Nine - Ben Lamb Luckboxes His Way to Cripple O'Dea

7 November 2011, By: compncards
Lovely 430x281
Lovely 430x281

I told you we were going to lose some folks this last level. We are down to just 6 players.

Sam Holden was the first out when he ran As-Js into the Ah-Kc of Ben Lamb. Lamb caught clubs on the flop and turn to flush Holden out of the event.

Anton Makiievskyi was all-in against Pius Heinz and behind pre-flop with K-Q against pocket nines.

He caught lucky with a flop of K-J-J. However, the turn was the nine and the pic below sums it up beautifully.

Bounahra got the rest of his stack in with A-5 and Staszko called with A-9.  It was pretty much elementary from there.

Phil Collins caught a huge suckout against Ben Lamb and got me back into my prop bet race. He was all-in with Qh-Jd and dominated by the Ac-Qc of Ben Lamb.

However, he caught two diamonds on the flop and then a 10d on the turn to give him a flush draw and an open ended straight draw. The river? Bink!

Lon McEachern had the best line of the event so far:

"Ben Lamb now has the deer, or rather Lamb in the headlights look."

And he was until he got luckboxen against O'Dea. He was all-in with Qd-8d against the Ac-9d of O'Dea.

The flop and turn missed both players ... and the river ...

Eights should be taken out the deck and burned now ...

O'Dea was left with just a couple of million and was shortly all-in with Q-6 against pocket eights for Staszko.

The board blanked O'Dea and we were down to five.

So, my prop bets went bust thanks to the "skillful" play of Ben Lamb.

Now I am rooting for Phil Collins and anyone in a hand against Ben Lamb.

Dinner break is coming up in less than an hour.  Unless we get a couple of quick eliminations, it may prove to be a long night.

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