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2010 WSOP Predictions - How Did I Do?

22 July 2010, By: compncards
Christine Pietsch 200x300
Christine Pietsch 200x300

The 2010 WSOP has finally wrapped up, or at least until November anyway.  We saw a lot of history made and big headline stories along the way.  I thought I would take a few moments to review some of the predictions I made a couple of days prior to the start of the Series.

Women Will Not Walk Away With Three Bracelets - Result: Push

Technically, I nailed this one based on the title, but I also said I thought that women would walk away with 2 bracelets including the Ladies Event.  Try as they may, that 2nd bracelet didn't happen.  Jennifer Harman made 2 final tables, J.J. Liu and Karina Jett both made final tables.  Christine Pietsch made it heads-up in the stud event, but fell short.  I gave myself 1/2 credit on this one, ergo a push.

Neither Brunson nor Chan Will Catch Phil Hellmuth - Result: Win

Brunson did not even cash in this WSOP, leaving some to wonder if his age has really caught up to him or if he has the proper motivation.  He actually has begun to question his motivation after his poor performance in the $10,000 Omaha Hi-Lo Event.  Johnny Chan had me sweating for a bit due to his Main Event run, but a massive cooler gave me the win on this prediction.

Two Phils Win Bracelets - Result: Push

"The Man" Phil Ivey did his job and got his 8th WSOP bracelet this year.  Hellmuth tried his best, but fell short.  Hellmuth did make it really deep in three events and made one final table, but couldn't seal the deal.

The Man Phil Ivey

More No-Name Champions Will Be Added - Result: 3/4 of the Pot

The massive number of NL Holdem events this summer did indeed create a lot of "unknown" champions, but at the same time we also had a couple of decent names take down mega-donkaments in both Praz Bansi and Scott Montgomery.  It will also be hard to say Simon Watt will be a "no name" due to the fact that he beat Tom Dwan and is now called the "durrrr killer."  I'm going to play this one like a Omaha Hi-Lo pot and take 3/4 of the pot in this one.

The Main Event will Top 7,000 Players  - Result: Epic Win

Not only did I say there would be 7,000 players, but I almost nailed the final number.  I said that there may be as many as 7,300 players in this thing.  The final number was 7,319.  2009 should have seen some growth had Day 1d not been sold out. 

Also, as a whole, the WSOP was primed to see some growth this year due to the lower buy-in events and all the attention paid to changing the registration and structure of the Main Event.  Now the question will be whether the Main Event can achieve growth in 2011.  I will give my predictions NEXT YEAR.

Two wins, two pushes, and 3/4 of a pot give me a slight win on this set of predictions.  However, a win is a win and I will take it.

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