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WSOP Step Satellite Strategy

12 May 2009, By:

A step satellite is a way to get into a high stakes event with an affordable buy-in. If you have the skills but not the cash, you may want to try a step satellite.

How Step Satellites Work

With a step satellite, your goal is to win a number of satellites in increasing value. It is usually two, three or four steps. The buy-in for the first step can be $100 or less, and each progressive step is worth 10 times as much, until a seat or multiple seats for a major event can be won in the final step.

Strategy for WSOP Step Satellites

Some step satellites will require that you win outright. Others may move more than one player to the next step, or allow free re-entry into the same step. If you are dealing with a winner take all situation, you should be ready to gamble at any time.

Hanging back and waiting for others to be eliminated is pointless. If others are playing recklessly, it is okay to get out of the way and try to get heads-up without putting too many chips at risk; but generally, you are not served by avoiding confrontation.

Other WSOP Step Satellite Ideas

Since it is a step satellite, it is difficult to make any kind of deal. However, if you are in a live step satellite and it is down to two players, there may be some kind of deal to be made. For example, if your opponent has 80 percent of the chips, you might offer to let him advance to the next step in exchange for 20 percent of whatever he wins should he make it to the main event.

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