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Michele Lewis: Poker is Good for Women

16 October 2009, By: Lady Junkie
Michele Lewis poker writer.450
Michele Lewis poker writer.450
Michele Lewis

Why is poker so much fun?

Who is the best poker pro according to you?

Phil Hellmuth handles large Hold'em fields better than a car

Between you and Phil Hellmuth, heads-up, seriously who would win?


Is poker a good endeavor for women to go into? If so, in what ways?

Why are there so few women in pro poker?

As a mother, would you encourage your children to play poker?

Do you think a man would get that question?

Do you have any tips to all our aspiring poker sisters out there?

  • Dan Harrington's books are an excellent start for learning the math but read as many books as possible. Don't focus on one book's style of play, take in everything and then develop a style that works for you.

  • Don't believe everything you see on television.

  • You're only hurting yourself and slowing down the game if you don't know the math and the rules. Slowing down the game is discourteous to others and in most sports there are automatic clocks and penalties for mistakes and ignorance. Poker shouldn't be any different. The more respect you have for the game, the more respect your opponents will have for you. And respect at the poker table is an asset.

  • I would also suggest playing a very low limit hold'em game until you can control boredom and/or fear so the emotions aren't controlling you. You want to respect the game rather than the chips. However, if you're in a hurry to play... there's no better way to learn anything than by trial and error.

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