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“Lock women in a house for 30 days”

21 October 2009, By: Lady Junkie

A few comments on a blog by The Razz Challenge about women and poker.

The blog tries to answer the following question: “Why Aren't There More Women Poker Stars?” It’s a pretty interesting question to be sure, but I must refute some statements in the blog.

“A woman hasn't been at a main event final table since Barbara Enright in 2005”

Maybe you forgot about Annette Obrestad who won the WSOP-E in 2007?

“When I play against a good woman poker player … I don't pay much attention to their game“

Yeah, see that’s a guys’ problem.

“I believe with just a little coaching I could even turn a woman poker player into a great player”

Sure, with you as a coach even a woman could learn poker.

“Maybe the next great poker TV show should be one where you get a dozen aspiring women poker players, and they get taught how to play at the highest levels. Maybe you lock them in a house for 30 days, and an audience gets to vote them off one by one.”

Actually, that’s a pretty good idea. I like it. =)

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  • Lady Junkie 23/10/2009 8:50am (12 years ago)

    Mitchell, it was meant as a joke referring to guys having troubles concentrating around a deep cleavage. I guess I should have put in a smiley or something to make that clear.

  • LBO207 22/10/2009 9:14am (12 years ago)

    Haha, Great post Lady Junkie! =)

  • Mitchell 21/10/2009 5:25pm (12 years ago)

    Lady Junkie:

    Thanks for your comments about my post.

    Funny post on your part. I think it's the first time I've had some of my words taken out of context.