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How can you even tell it’s a man?

24 September 2009, By: Lady Junkie
men won women mtt1
men won women mtt1

Allegedly a man took part in a women only poker tournament and won. The casino couldn’t prevent him and a few other men from playing, with reference to the casino law. Fine with me.

But how can you tell this is really a man? Has he gone through some kind of chromosome tests before or during the tournament? As far as I know this person doesn’t even have a beard.

What kind of a man doesn’t have a beard?

Does he have some problem with his hair growth? Maybe a little too much estrogen in his system? (Female sex hormones for the brutes among my readers.)

Hey hey, I’m just being a bitch for the hell of it, please forgive me. Maybe my sexist ramblings gave some male readers a taste of what women have put up with many times during the years of inequality.

The feeling of being judged on false premises. Like the size of one’s chest.


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