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Why Poker Media Make (and Take) Less Money

30 March 2012, By:
Recently several current or former members of the poker media have been discussing the general rates for poker writers over those in other forms of media and writing.
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Recently several current or former members of the poker media have been discussing the general rates for poker writers over those in other forms of media and writing.

It's no secret that many that write for poker sites are not as well paid as those that work for other media and news companies.

These are a few reasons why:

Not Many High-Quality, Well-Funded Sites

Not all poker sites are created equal and this has an impact on the number of jobs in the community.

Anyone can buy a URL and put up some poker-related content, but most are not willing to invest a lot of money into the site as most poker sites are losing ventures.

Without naming names, there are a few sites out there that would not be nearly the quality that they are without backing from either pro players or big contracts with major online poker sites.

If poker sites were as well funded as CNN, ESPN and other major news sites, then writers would get top dollar.

The reality is that many sites are not well funded, if at all, outside of the money coming out of the owner's pocket.

For those sites, they'll take the best they can get for the money they're willing to spend.

Some Writers Will Take Less

Another reason that poker-related media positions pay below the average for journalists is the fact that there are writers out there willing to work for less - and that has been the trend for a long time in the poker media.

While some writers will stand on their principles and not accept anything less than what they think they are worth, this doesn't always pay the bills.

Poker Junkie blogger Compncards had this to say about it:

"There are a lot of qualified writers out there that are not willing to accept anything less than what they are worth and they have been having a tough time finding and keeping work. Those that adjust to what the market will bear are the ones that you do not hear complaining."

"Personally, I do not make the 'writing industry average per hour,' but I have never been without work since I started back in 2008."

Some writers are more concerned about paying their bills than making the best rate around. There is nothing wrong with taking a lesser salary until something better comes along.

Some Are Not Willing to Make the Effort

While the industry is not riddled with jobs, a creative job seeker can still find work.

When asked about this, Compncards says "You would be amazed at the number of jobs I have actually turned down in the last two years."

"Many job hunters are not willing to take a chance with an unknown company or do articles outside of their comfort zone."

"Also, many do not seem to be terribly creative in their hunt. Searching a few job boards and posting for help on Facebook and Twitter is not enough."

"While networking does indeed help and has helped some of my colleagues secure work, there are many jobs that I know they have missed."

"At the same time, I also know of several who have gotten work and then did not attempt to do the job because it wasn't that high profile of a job or did not pay what they wanted."

As with poker, sometimes a bigger risk produces the greatest reward.

Some job seekers may be doing fine with their job search, and maybe adjusting their standards will help others find more work.

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