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Western Union Poker | Deposit By Western Union

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Western Union is one of the oldest financial services companies in the world and a trusted way to get cash in hand into your online poker account, fast. Founded all the way back in 1855 the "old school" roots of Western Union have now expanded into a multi-dimensional, efficient and modern means to send money quickly around the globe.

With over 550,000 agent locations in over 200 countries there's little chance you can't find a Western Union outlet near where you're standing (or sitting) right now. Getting your poker deposit online is as simple as walking into a store and handing it over.

But you can also now create a full service Western Union account online and zip money around the globe on demand, to poker sites or friends and family alike, from your laptop or mobile phone.

It's a whole new Western Union world these days but with the same authority and trust developed from it's legendary telegraph and telegram days.

What is Western Union?

The Colorado-based Western Union was founded all the way back in 1851 as the New York and Mississippi Valley Printing Telegraph Company in Rochester, NY. Among its legacies include opening the first intercontinental telegraph, the first Russia-America Telegraph, the first stock ticker and one of the first 11 All-American companies traded on the New York Stock Exchange. 

It began its money transfer service via telegram in 1871 and it quickly became its primary business as the telephone phased out telegraphs. So ... if you're looking for a company that has experience moving money around the world, Western Union is it. Nowadays it's a full service financial transactions company with all of the bells and whistles you'd expect. Those include:

  • 550,000 agent locations
  • 150,000 ATMs and Kiosks
  • Locations in over 200 countries
  • Transactions in over 130 currencies
  • $300 billion in principal moved around the world in 2017 alone
  • Full service Western Union mobile app
  • Fully online Western Union money transfers
  • My WU rewards program

It also runs and supports its own Western Union Foundation charity which has contributed more than $113 million for projects (including humanitarian relief for communities in crisis) that affect more than 800,000 people in 137 countries.

Why Make Poker Deposits By Western Union?

If you're a poker player that's ever had a deposit at a poker site denied or returned because of archaic rules and regulations you'll know just how indispensable a straight-forward, efficient money-moving agent like Western Union can be.

No matter where you live in the world a Western Union transfer is literally as good as money in your online poker account. You'll pay a fee for it, sure, but there's nothing worth more than the peace of mind to know you'll be able to play poker when you want to play poker with the money you want to have in your account.


Western Union customers can take advantage of:

  • Money transfers from person-to-poker site through online payments, pre-paid cards, mobile app or in person
  • Receive money in person, directly into bank account, to a mobile eWallet or loaded onto a pre-paid card
  • Money arrives instantly in your poker account and is usable for play
  • No credit card or bank account required
  • Completely anonymous and private
  • Impeccably secure and guaranteed
  • Transfers in over 130 currencies

How Do I Make a Western Union Poker Deposit?

For a lot of poker players used to the cash-and-carry world of live poker, where a roll of hundreds in your pocket is decidedly the norm rather than the exception, Western Union is an easy-to-understand bridge between the live and online poker worlds.

If you want to take a part of that cash bankroll and put it to use online, you can simply walk into a Western Union kiosk and do so easily and efficiently. Here's how:

  • Log in to your online poker account (if you've yet to sign-up for one, create an account and access our online poker bonuses right here)
  • Navigate to the cashier page
  • Select Western Union from the deposit options
  • Write down the following information: poker room account #, Code City and POS name
  • Grab your government ID and head down to a Western Union kiosk
  • Pay in cash the amount you want to deposit
  • Check online for the money to arrive in your poker account (this should take under 30 minutes)
  • Enter the MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) you were given on your official receipt to confirm your deposit
  • Play poker!

You will pay a flat fee on your transaction at the Western Union window so most players choose to make a larger deposit to cut down the fee percentage. If you'd like to make an online Western Union poker deposit:

  • Log in to your online poker account
  • Click through to the cashier page
  • Select Western Union from the deposit options
  • Write down the poker room account number, Code City and POS name
  • Go to and click the 'Send Money' button
  • Select your receiver's country
  • Select 'bank account' as the way the receiver wants to receive money
  • Select how you want to pay (credit/debit card, bank account, wire transfer)
  • Hit continue
  • Fill in the required information
  • Pay
  • Wait for money to arrive in your account (if you pay by debit or credit it'll arrive instantly; if you choose bank account or wire transfer you'll have to wait a few days)
  • Play!

You can track all of your transfers online to see how they are progressing or to follow up with any that don't arrive as expected.

If you plan to be a frequent depositor it's a good idea to sign up for a MY WU account to accumulate points that you can ultimately exchange for rewards. Each qualifying transfer or bill payments earn 30 WU points you can redeem later for fee reductions.


Can I Use Western Union to Pay By Mobile?

Yes, Western Union has a fully downloadable app for both iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android (eg Samsung Galaxy). If your poker site accepts Western Union deposits (and virtually all of them do), you can either click directly through the mobile cashier to your Western Union forms or use the Western Union app to transfer to the poker site.

Through the Western Union mobile app you can send money, pay bills, check exchange rates and track your deposits. The WU app can be downloaded in the App Store of from Google Play.

Will I Pay Fees for Western Union Poker Deposits?

Generally speaking poker sites will waive any additional fees for depositing via Western Union but each WU transaction will cost you a flat fee. Many poker players tend to make bigger deposit (eg $500-$1,000) to minimize fees per transaction.

Can I Use Western Union for Poker Deposits in the United States?

Currently there are no poker sites in licensed states (New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware, Pennsylvania) that accept Western Union for deposits or withdrawals.

There may be some poker sites that accept US poker players and will take Western Union deposits but we do not recommend playing on any unlicensed poker sites in US states outside of those listed.

For more information on the current legal situation for online poker in the USA and what deposit methods might be available to you on our US online poker page:

Can I Use Western Union to Deposit on PokerStars?

Unfortunately, no. Right now Western Union is not listed as a payment method for PokerStars NJ, or

Can I Make Withdrawals via Western Union?

There aren't many poker sites we've seen that accept Western Union withdrawals but if you have one of the new pre-paid cards you may be able to make a transfer. It's best to check with each individual poker site to see which withdrawals methods are currently available.


What is the Deposit Minimum/Maximum for Western Union?

Deposits under $999 can be processed without signing up for a Western Union account. Anything over must go through a registered account. Registering for an account is easy, though, and only takes a few minutes online or at a Western Union kiosk.

The minimum deposit at most poker sites is around $20 but can be as low as $10. Check with each individual poker site for their deposit minimum. As mentioned, Western Union charges a flat fee for each transaction so it's in your best interest to make larger, infrequent deposits rather than lots of smaller deposits.

Are Western Union Poker Deposits Secure?

Not only are they secure in the sense they will be processed quickly over encrypted lines, they are also completely anonymous so your credit card or bank account information is never transmitted to an online poker site.

Many poker players also prefer to use cash so it's one of the most effective and anonymous ways to turn cash into online poker credit.

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