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Mastercard Poker | Play Online Poker with Mastercard

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In the battle for global credit card supremacy Mastercard may be a step or two behind Visa but it’s still one of the most ubiquitous credit cards around the world with a comparable array of products for Mastercard poker.

Founded way back in 1966 and eventually morphed from Master Charge to Mastercard, the American financial services company is still a safe, reliable and secure option for credit, debit and pre-paid cards that can be used for online transactions including online poker.

Mastercard is accepted at virtually all online poker sites worldwide and even has its own specific gambling transaction code to make online poker deposits fast, smooth and secure.

If you already have a Mastercard credit card there’s a poker site out there just waiting for you to register an account an make a deposit. If you don’t have a Mastercard credit card, issued by either your bank or Mastercard itself, there are pre-paid Mastercard and Mastercard gift cards at your disposal.

All of them are processed instantly by online poker sites and you’ll have your money in your poker account, ready for play, within minutes.

Advantages of Mastercard Poker Sites

  • No fees from poker sites to use Mastercard for deposits
  • Instantaneous Mastercard poker deposits
  • Available as Mastercard credit cards, Maestro debit cards and Mastercard gift cards
  • Fast, efficient and secure
  • Can earn points and cashback on your Mastercard for poker deposits
  • Currency exchanges automatically calculated

Mastercard Poker FAQs

 How Can I Make a Mastercard Poker Deposit?

Very easily. Mastercard credit, debit (Maestro) and gift cards are all accepted by online poker sites around the world. Once you have your online poker account properly set up and verified you can then make deposits to your account via your desktop, laptop or phone with your Mastercard.

mastercard poker

Once you’ve logged in, simply click through to the cashier page of your online poker site. Find the Mastercard or Maestro logo in the menu and click on it. 

You’ll then be prompted to enter your card details (name, 16-digit card number, expiry date and security code) and the amount of your deposit.

Once you click submit your deposit will show up in your account within minutes. If your deposit doesn’t arrive, check with the poker site’s customer support. 

If you’re using a pre-paid Maestro card you’re obviously limited to depositing the maximum value stored on the card. If it’s your own credit card you’ll be limited to your available credit and overdraft.

Like all online transactions with Mastercard your card details are encrypted and protected from fraud and theft.

 Where Can I Play Mastercard Poker? 

Virtually anywhere! Mastercard is almost universally accepted at online poker sites in the UK, Europe, Asia and beyond. Mastercard is even now accepted at online poker sites in licensed states like New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware and Pennsylvania.

PokerStars NJ, for example, will accept your Mastercard deposit although it won’t process any withdrawals to your Mastercard. Mastercard debit cards (Maestro) and Mastercard gift cards are also now commonly accepted by most online poker sites.

If you play online poker on your phone Mastercard is a very easy and convenient way to make poker site deposits as your bank information is not provided for any transactions.

 How Can I Get a Pre-Paid Maestro Card?

Maestro is a multi-national debit card provided by Mastercard in hundreds of countries around the world. It's perfect for online poker in that it's a very secure card that's already pre-loaded with funds.

If you want to get a Maestro card for your online poker needs, just visit your local bank and apply. Once you're approved, which is very easy, your Maestro card will be linked to your bank account. You can then transfer money from your Maestro card to virtually any online poker site around the world.

 Are Mastercard Poker Deposits Safe?

100% safe. As one of the most secure financial companies in the world Mastercard takes great pride in its security protocols and playing online poker with your Mastercard is no different. Your card details are protected with the highest-level encryption and security safeguards in every transaction and fraud detection is a priority.

Mastercard poker deposits are very safe and secure no matter the circumstances but if you have any concerns they also have 24/7 customer support waiting to help you if needed. As Mastercard also has its own gambling transaction code all Mastercard poker deposits are traceable and verifiable.

 Does Mastercard Have Limits for Poker Deposits?


The limit on your Mastercard deposit will be determined by:

  • Your available credit
  • The pre-paid amount on your Maestro or Gift card
  • The poker site’s deposit minimums and maximums

Most poker sites have a Mastercard deposit minimum of $25.The maximum daily deposit and withdrawal limits vary depending on the poker site. Check the cashier page or the terms & conditions on the poker site to clarify.

If you play high-stakes poker it’s clearly not in your best interest to use a credit card to make deposits but you’re obviously free to do so.

 Is There a Fee for Mastercard Online Poker Deposits?

Most poker sites waive all fees for making deposits via Mastercard. You are of course still responsible for paying any interest fees accrued on your Mastercard and Mastercard might charge you fees for processing your transactions or for currency exchanges.

 Can I Use My Phone to Play Mastercard Poker? 

Yes. If an online poker site accepts Mastercard deposits it will likely also accept Mastercard for mobile deposits too. These are easy to set up and use on your phone. Once you have the poker site app downloaded to your Android or iPhone just navigate to the cashier and tap on the Mastercard logo to deposit.

 What’s the Downside of Mastercard Poker?

In some cases Mastercard might deem a poker deposit a "cash advance," in which case you may pay a fee and pay a higher interest rate.

mastercard poker

As with any credit card you’re also liable for any interest payments/the balance on your Mastercard credit card so if you lose money and can’t pay it back you will incur hefty interst fees.

If you use a pre-paid or Mastercard gift card there are no obvious downsides as your money is processed immediately and will be debited from your account accordingly.

The biggest downside is probably that it’s rare to find any poker site that will provide you withdrawals to your Mastercard.

 Can I Use Mastercard to Play US Online Poker?

Good news: Yes you can. If you live in (or are within the borders of) one of the 4 US states with legal online poker (New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware & Pennsylvania) Mastercard is definitely an option for depositing to an online poker site.

As all poker sites operating in those states are legally licensed and regulated by state gaming boards you are also assured of all financial transactions being held to strict privacy and safety regulations.

Your Mastercard details and personal information is never share with any third parties and is protected by high-level encryption.

US Online Poker Sites that accept Mastercard:

If you live in one of the other 46 states you may also still be able to use Mastercard for online poker deposits as some unlicensed sites that still off poker games to US clients will accept.

We don’t recommended that you do so, however, as your deposits and game play are not certified by an external auditing body and no licensing procedure has been undertaken. Some of the poker sites that offer US games are licensed in other countries but not by an official US Gaming Regulatory Board.

 Can I Use Mastercard on PokerStars?

Yes, Mastercard is accepted on all global PokerStars bomains incluidng, and PokerStars NJ. If a standard Mastercard credit card isn’t working for you a Mastercard debit or pre-paid card likely will. Just contact PokerStars customer support via live chat and they will help you find a quick and easy solution.

mastercard pokerstars

On PokerStars you can also set up Fast Deposit with your Mastercard so you can reload your account directly from the table and not have to bother clicking back to the cashier.

 Can I Use Mastercard on 888poker or partypoker?

Yes both 888poker and partypoker currently accept Mastercard deposits but do not process any Mastercard withdrawals. 888poker NJ and partypoker NJ also accept Mastercard.

Can I Still Get an Online Poker Bonus with Mastercard?

Yes, absolutely. An online poker bonus isn’t usually tethered to the deposit method so any of the welcome bonus or sign-up bonuses you see you will be eligible with any deposit method. Occasionally poker sites will run special promotions with a bonus attached to a particular deposit method but we’ve never seen one for Mastercard.

What Other Options Do I Have for Mastercard Poker?

If you don’t want to use your Mastercard credit card for direct deposits to online poker sites and would prefer to stay anonymous you can always set up a third-party eWallet like Neteller, Skrill or PayPal.

You can then fund your eWallet with your Mastercard or pre-paid Mastercard and transfer the money to the online poker site through that account. That way your credit card will not be on file at the poker site itself and those transactions won’t show up on your credit card bill.

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