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Best US Poker Payment Methods

18 May 2010, By:
For Americans, depositing money at online poker site can be a difficult task. Sometimes the site won't accept your preferred payment method and sometimes your bank doesn't allow money transfers to online poker sites.

But there are still allowed US payment methods, and when you dig a little deeper, you'll realize that there's quite a few of them still available.

Here we'll quickly run you through the four best deposit methods for US players.

1. Credit Cards

Most players prefer using credit card to deposit money at poker sites. The benefits are obvious. Your money is instantly transferred to the poker site and the payment method is very safe. Unfortunately though, some sites and banks don't accept credit card transfers anymore.

Our suggestion is that you first try to make a credit card payment. But if that fails, you still have other options to choose from.

2. eWallets

eWallets, such as NETeller, Moneybookers and PayPal, are third-party payment processors that allow you to transfer money online without divulging your credit-card details.

To use an eWallet, you simply add funds from your bank account to the eWallet and then you're able to deposit money at poker sites and make other purchases online.

Payments with eWallets are handled almost as fast as credit-card payments. But again, a lot of eWallets are no longer available to Americans.

3. Bank Transfers

More and more players are using bank transfers to fund their poker accounts. eChecks, which is used by PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker for instance, are the most popular type.

Since eChecks are handled online, a lot of the problems with physical checks are long gone.

Traditional checks have to be physically mailed, the process time can be up to two weeks, and even though it might not be the case, it can feel a bit unsafe to actually mail a check.

eChecks and other forms of online bank transfers, on the other hand, are fast and reliable.

Bank transfers wouldn't be my first choice though, but if credit cards or eWallets are not an option, this is a decent alternative.

4. Pre-Paid Vouchers

Pre-paid vouchers should definitely be your last resort. To fund your poker account this way you have to buy a pre-paid voucher or gift card at a physical location, which then can be turned into online poker money.

It's not very convenient but it works.

What Sites Allow Which Payment Methods?

Poker Junkie has compiled a list of poker payment methods. There you can see a list of all US poker sites and the deposit options they allow. Just remember to check out the credit-card and eWallet options first, they are by far the most convenient payment methods.

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