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Top 5 Potential Mainstream WSOP Sponsors

29 May 2014, By:
It's been argued for years that poker won't reach the "next level" unless it can secure major sponsorships.
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It's been argued for years that poker won't reach the "next level" unless it can secure major sponsorships.

With that in mind we've come up with a few company brands that would make our Top Five Potential Mainstream WSOP Sponsors.

Instead of giving you the arguments for the sponsor we also present the mock commercials they could foreseeably make

5. Snickers

*Open scene with shot of board. Opponent "Gary" has pocket kings and player "Mike" has pocket aces. Ten-high board through turn. The river falls a king as the crowd erupts.*

Phil Hellmuth: "Are you *bleep* kidding me. I played so *bleep* patiently and this clown, who clearly has no clue what he's doing, goes and spikes a two outer. Five *bleep* percent."

"Do you even known where you are kid? This is the World Series of Poker. The World Series of *bleep* Poker. Then again, you probably don't *bleep* know how to spell poker. Unbelievable!"

Gary: "Mike, eat a snickers."

Phil: "Why?"

Gary: "Cause when you're hungry you become a raving lunatic at the table." *Hands Snickers.*


Mike Sexton: "Better."

4. Reebok

*Scene starts with car turning over but unable to start. Door opens and shot of feet with Reebok logo showing prominently.

Person begins running down Flamingo. Quick run into store. Continue to follow person as they run down Flamingo, crossing Las Vegas Blvd and continuing to Rio.

Person runs around the parking lot and up the steps through the WSOP doors. Continues running through Rio like life depends on it. WSOP logos everywhere.

*Shot of ESPN stage."

Jack Effel: "Making his third final table of the 2015 World Series of Poker, Daniel "Kid Poker" Negreanu!

Daniel Negreanu jogs in to the final table.

*Reebok logo*

3. Bank of America

Before earning enough cash back from Bank of America to help pay for an entry into the World Series of Poker.

Before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time. And 2% back at the grocery store.

Even before he got 3% back on gas with no hoops to jump through.

John used his BankAmericard Cash Rewards credit card to gain an edge on the competition.

*Scene shows John reading poker training books and a stack of training videos.*

That's the advantage of rewarding connections. Apply online or at a Bank of America near you.

2. Lexus

*Various shots of Lexuses driving through Las Vegas*

We're supposed to be rebels.

Our educations are supposed to come from the school of hard knocks, not from Ivy League institutions.

Some would make us out to be criminals or slackers living in our parents' basement.

We're supposed to be undisciplined dreamers.

*Lexus drives up to the World Series of Poker and Tony Dunst or another well-dressed pro gets out.*

Not what you were expecting?

1. Nike

We play because past generations had to play in the shadows.

We play because women no longer just bring drinks to the table.

We play because some governments still don't understand that this is a game of skill.

We play because we were told that you can't make a living "playing a game."

We play for the young kid just learning the ropes and the old man whom the game has passed by.

We play because the turn of a card is the difference between immortality and "see you next year."

We play because three ounces of gold is the vindication of a lifetime of struggle.

We play for the check-raises, the suckouts, the bad beats, the one-outers and all the things that frustrate and excite us at the same time.

We play because the game is life.

We're all-in.

*Insert Nike Logo*

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