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Top 10 Poker Disasters of 2011

15 December 2011, By:
The poker world, for the most part, will not look back too fondly upon 2011.
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The poker world, for the most part, will not look back too fondly upon 2011.

Sure, there have been many positive moments - record-breaking moments in fact - that have shown just how much the game of poker has seeped into the national fabirc.

But when all is said and done, the negative memories seem to be the ones that stand out the most in the year of Black Friday.

These are the Top 10 Disasters in Poker for 2011:

#10. High Stakes Poker Cancelled


The most recent hit to the poker world, High Stakes Poker has been cancelled after a great six-year run.

Many players quit watching after Norm MacDonald took over to start Season 6, but the events of Black Friday were what really proved too much.

#9. Bodog Institutes Anonymous Tables

Bodog 417x300

In a move that has many online players fuming, Bodog announced its move to anonymous poker tables on its site last week.

Many feel that this is not true poker and worry that other sites will adapt this technique to combat data mining.

#8. Demise of the United States Poker Championships

While an official announcement has not been made, it looks like the United States Poker Championships will be history.

Originally scheduled for the "Fall of 2011," it is now rumored to be happening in December - but without any word of when the even will happen.

Pokerjunkie blogger Compncards was told by Tom Gitto, poker room manager for the Trump Taj Mahal, that legal issues with the TV production company were halting them from proceeding.

That was mid-November.

The USPC has been plagued with issues in recent years, including a loss of their ESPN contract that has resulted in abysmal attendance since.

#7. Prahlad Friedman Joins UB

The year kicked off with Prahlad Friedman announcing he was joining UB as a sponsored pro.

Friedman was criticized by many for this move, including Daniel Negreanu, as UB was the site that cheated him out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in the past.

The "new UB" as he called it would end up firing him along their other sponsored pros after Black Friday.

#6. Kathy Liebert Discovers Football Betting

As users of Twitter soon found out, Kathy Liebert discovered betting on football games in 2011.

On game days, the twitterverse was bombarded with regular tweets about the games.

In fact, so many tweets were made that BJ Nemeth challenged her to a prop bet on who could stay off Twitter the longest.

That bet is currently ongoing and Twitter officials are investigating why there has been a sudden drop in tweets.

#5. National Heads-Up Championship Cancelled

After seven seasons, NBC announced the cancellation of the National Heads-Up Championship in October.

This came as yet another casualty of Black Friday. Sadly, this was one of the highest rated poker programs on television.

#4. Four and Out for Ben Lamb

Ben Lamb made the final three of the 2011 World Series of Poker Main Event and started second in chips behind Pius Heinz.

In just four hands he lost that entire stack, including a huge chunk on an odd shove with K-J against Martin Staszko.

Lamb still finished the year with a bracelet, a runner-up finish and Player of the Year honors.

#3. DOJ Calls Full Tilt Ponzi Scheme in Updated Complaint

In September, the DOJ filed a modified civil complaint to go along with the criminal complaints from Black Friday and named Howard Lederer, Rafe Furst and Chris Ferguson as defendants.

It was revealed that the company squandered nearly $400 million in player deposits by using those deposits to conduct business operations.

That included payments to shareholders.

#2. AGCC Suspends and Revokes Full Tilt License

As if Black Friday wasn't enough, Full Tilt was effectively shut down in June when the AGCC suspended its license as a response to the Black Friday indictments.

That license was completely revoked in September, forcing Full Tilt to sell the company.

#1. Black Friday

April 15th will forever be known as Black Friday after the United States Department of Justice indicted 11 men as well as Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars, and Absolute Poker on charges including violations of the UIGEA, bank fraud and money laundering.

All sites immediately withdrew from the U.S. and to this date, only PokerStars has repaid US players.

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