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Three Ways PStars-FTP Deal Will Alter Poker

26 April 2012, By:
On Tuesday, rumors broke that PokerStars is in negotiations with the US Department of Justice to buy Full Tilt Poker for a reported $750 million.
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Which side of the pro-team fence will Antonius land on?

On Tuesday, rumors broke that PokerStars is in negotiations with the US Department of Justice to buy Full Tilt Poker for a reported $750 million.

Now, according to the Wicked Chops Insider, that appears to be confirmed.

Poker Junkie blogger Compncards spoke yesterday in his blog about why this would be a good deal for the company.

Today he looks at three major impacts the PokerStars purchase of Full Tilt may have on the poker world.

1) It's PokerStars, PartyPoker and Everyone Else

The PokerStars purchase of Full Tilt Poker will effectively guarantee its spot atop the online poker world.

And with the margin of difference between PokerStars and PartyPoker with respect to the total number of players on each site, it ensures that nobody will ever come close to PokerStars in total player base.

Right now, the iPoker network has the second-most cash-game traffic in the world behind PokerStars and PartyPoker has the second-most tournament traffic.

That will likely change dramatically once the US market reopens for online poker with PartyPoker expected to be the site to benefit the most outside of Pokerstars.

Within a year (maybe less) after US online legalization, expect PokerStars to have a wide gap over everyone else in the poker world related to volume, with Party Poker next and the real battle to continue between iPoker, 888 and Ongame for the #3 spot.

2) More Expansion into the Live Arena by PokerStars

As PokerStars solidifies its hold on the online poker world, expect to see more expansion by the company in the live arena.

This will not be limited to expansion of the EPT, APPT, etc, but will likely include the addition or maybe even purchases of other leagues.

Do not be surprised to see PokerStars make a play for the Heartland Poker Tour if it is still available when online poker is legalized in the US.

3) Sponsorship for Other Sites to Increase and Become More Competitive

With PokerStars running the show for Full Tilt Poker, don't expect 300 different "online sponsored pros" by the site. You might have a couple of dozen or so for Full Tilt, but don't expect much more.

This will present the other sites in the poker world a great opportunity to continue to snatch up online pros, and very likely at a premium.

The result will be increased competition among the online pros to perform in order to get the best deals. Outside of the WSOP Main Event winner, don't expect too many more "flash in the pan" pro deals in the near future.

This is very exciting times for those waiting to be paid back for their Full Tilt funds. Let's hope this isn't just another snow job and that we will have our funds back by the end of the 2012 WSOP.

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