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Three Stories Flying Under Radar at WSOP

14 June 2012, By:
The 2012 WSOP is marching along and while most of the talk swirls around Hellmuth's 12th bracelet and Ivey's strong performances, there are a few stories flying under the radar.
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The 2012 WSOP is marching along and while most of the talk swirls around Hellmuth's 12th bracelet and Ivey's strong performances, there are a few stories flying under the radar.

Poker Junkie blogger Compncards breaks down a few of those stories including a new poker reality show involving some of the games best female players and if Ivey will be forgiven over last year's WSOP "boycott."

1) Poker Reality Show Features Game's Best Female Players

Word has come out in the last couple of days that several of poker's leading ladies are filming a reality show while playing the 2012 World Series of Poker.

According to DonkDown Radio, the show will involve Vanessa Rousso, Vanessa Selbst, Maria Ho and Liv Boeree as they play poker by day and party hard in Vegas at night.

My main concern with this is that this show could very well turn out to be "Poker Meets Jersey Shore" with slightly fewer over the top personalities.

You can't blame any producer that would want to follow the lives of those four ladies as they are certainly among the most attractive, and most successful, of today's female poker players.

Hopefully the show features them more as poker players who like to cut loose as opposed to party girls that happen to play poker.

2) Mike Matusow is Sick of the WSOP - Literally

An interesting story from the 2nd day of the $5,000 Omaha Hi-Lo Event on Tuesday was Mike Matusow's rise to 3rd overall in chips.

Apparently Mike was suffering from food poisoning and had to run from tables at times to go throw up.

Even with his illness, he managed to finish 3rd in chips for the day behind Phil Ivey and Dan Kelly and is looking to win his 4th WSOP bracelet.

While this performance seems amazing, it isn't the first time it's happened.

A couple of years back Ted Forrest was extremely sick during Day 1 of an event and played until he had enough chips where he could leave and be blinded down until the end of the day.

When Annie Duke finished 10th in the 2000 WSOP Main Event, she did so while ready to give birth at any moment.

Sometimes when poker players are not at their best, they tend to buckle down and play their best poker. It seems that's what Matusow did on Monday.

3) If Ivey Wins, Will Last Year Be Forgiven?

During his run on Sunday in the $10,000 PL Omaha Event, Gary Wise of ESPN asked whether an Ivey bracelet win would sweep the events of last year under the rug.

My reply was simply, "Sweep what under the rug?"

While it is mentioned from time to time by reporters, by and large poker players and the poker media is primarily focusing on Ivey's play.

While last year was clearly a big win for the WSOP, Ivey's presence was clearly missed and everyone is much more invested in an event when Ivey is deep.

While Ivey did sit out the WSOP and file what I have called a bogus and self-serving lawsuit, he hasn't been identified as having any major role in the downfall of Full Tilt.

Yes, some will argue that he kept the company from being sold before now but one may also argue that if those reports are true, he may have done some of those companies a favor after the information released in September.

The poker world wants to aim their animosity regarding the Full Tilt disaster towards Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson and the rest of the Full Tilt board. They'll continue to do so because, as poker players, Lederer, Ferguson and the board really aren't that important.

Ferguson was the best player out of all of them and he hadn't done anything significant at the WSOP for years.

On the other hand, Ivey is the only player with any legitimate chance now of catching Phil Hellmuth at the top of the All-Time list and that is a chase that players want to see.

Ivey essentially has already been given a pass on last year, and once he ties Johnny Moss on the all-time list, the focus will change to when he catches Doyle and Johnny.

His part in Full Tilt will be virtually forgotten. Don't believe me? Didn't Phil Hellmuth shill for Ultimatebet at one time?

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