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Three Sensationalized Future Poker News Stories

9 April 2012, By:
Recently it seems that stories loosely associated with poker have garnered more attention than the actual games themselves.
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Micros supporting character Tatjana Pasalic unconfirmed for LowBallz Crew.

Recently it seems that stories loosely associated with poker have garnered more attention than the actual games themselves.

Fans seem more interested in the latest antics of Quadjacks, TwoPlusTwo and Daniel Negreanu than they are in who won the latest WSOP-C title.

We here at Poker Junkie see this trend continuing and give you a look into the future at some of the stories that will dominate the headlines in the next year.

Erik Seidel Releases Tell All Book - Sells 4,000,000 copies

One of the Full Tilt Poker shareholders that has been characteristically silent since Black Friday is Erik Seidel.  Around March 2013, he will release his first book entitled "Breaking the Silence - My Experience With Full Tilt Poker"

The book becomes an immediate success as Seidel dishes the dirt on everything from internal politics to Howard Lederer and his real involvement behind the scenes leading up to Black Friday.

The Micros Cancelled

Around September of this year, Micros Inc  will fule an unjust enrichment suit against the creators of popular online animated series "The Micros."

According to the suit, Micros Inc claims that John Wray and Jay Rosenkrantz unjustly used the Micros name to grow the popularity of their web series.

As a result, Youtube yanks all Micros related videos and shuts down TheMicros channel. Sites carrying The Micros merchandise are also ordered to cease their sale of merchandise for the show.

Wray and Rosenkrantz then enlist the help of the PPA, but they prove as effective in court as in Congress. Ultimately, the Micros is cancelled and renamed LowBallz Crew.

The new series lasts two episodes.

Strip Poker Airs on DIY - Poker Fans Confused

Beginning in November, DIY will start to air cryptic commercials referring to a new, seemingly poker-themed program called Strip Poker.

Reports begin to surface about poker players and other celebrities that have been contacted to star in the program.

Poker fans get excited as hotties like Liv Boeree, Maria Ho and Lauren Kling are among those to be featured in the program. It is also announced that Full Tilt Poker will sponsor the new program.

Strip Poker debuts in February 2013 and quickly the poker world finds out it has been part of one major dupe.

Strip Poker does not refer to the game of poker being played for "clothes stakes" but to the rehabbing of fireplaces.

The only "strip poker" going on is the stripping of fireplace pokers and refinishing them.

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