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Shows That Could Save Poker TV in US

13 March 2012, By:
Televised poker took a big hit in 2011 as many shows were taken off the air after Black Friday.
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Coming soon to NBC?

Televised poker took a big hit in 2011 as most poker shows were taken off the air after Black Friday.

While the bulk of US poker TV will likely not return until after poker is regulated, there are some new poker shows we think would not only be entertaining but may be programs that would not require online poker site sponsorship to be viable.

Here are some of those shows:

Celebrity Deathmatch: Vegas Edition

Many of us remember the classic claymation fights brought to us by MTV. Since the network is fond of reviving old shows, how about bringing back a poker-themed edition of this show?

There are numerous real fights we would love to see but can't due to pesky things called laws and morals.

However, we can surely watch clay representations of our favorite pros get beheaded without the guilt.

Tony G vs. Phil Hellmuth, Jeff Lisandro vs. Prahlad Friedman, Dutch Boyd vs. Mason Malmuth and many more fights are just waiting to happen.

Of course, the Main Event of Daniel Negreanu vs. Annie Duke is one that has to happen, probably on the first episode.

Strip Poker After Dark

This program would be perfect for Showtime. Four men against four women with the only objective to keep your clothes on.

Granted, we could never guarantee that the women would get a fair shake, but it would certainly draw ratings.

Before you start talking about equality in poker and women being used as objects, allow us to point to the Royal Flush Girls.

If it worked for the WPT, Strip Poker After Dark should be a ratings powerhouse.

Jackass - Vegas

Crazy prop bets are big news and shows like Jackass draw folks who like to watch train wrecks.

We propose having pros rotate through the program each week and have them challenged to do Jackass-style stunts for money.

At first we were going to suggest they do the stunts to work off debt owed to other players, but we figure that fans would get tired of seeing Chino Rheem compete every week.

The first episode could have Howard Lederer and Ray Bitar as special guests in a stunt we call "Daniel swings for the fences."

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