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The rrrrud Challenge - Play heads-up against Dom Twan

10 February 2009, By:
Dom "rrrrud" Twan challenges the entire poker world - he's prepared to take on any player in heads-up Hold'em or Omaha.
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Dom "rrrrud" Twan challenges the entire poker world - he's prepared to take on any player in heads-up Hold'em or Omaha.

A challenge most players can afford

Will the durrrr challenge ever start? There has been a lot of talk about it, but when is it time to get down to business? All we hear from the big pros is lame excuses.

Therefore, Dom Twan has issued the rrrrud Challenge, where you get the chance to play against him in heads-up Pot-Limit Omaha or No-Limit Hold'em. Best of all: it's a challenge most players can afford.

Dom Twan is waiting for you. Like a good dog.

This is the rrrrud challenge by Dom Twan:

"I'm making this heads-up challenge to the world. Anyone can accept*. One table, maximum of $0.25/$0.50, and I'll put up $15 to their $5. We play 50 hands and if they end up a dollar after rake they keep the side money or whatever. So basically, if you and I played and you won a dollar (or even less), you would get my $15 and if I won a dollar I would win your $5. So I'm giving ten dollars free if anyone thinks they can do it."

Taking up on the rrrrud challenge is easy:

  • Find "Dom Twan" at Full Tilt Poker and sit down at the table
  • Write "rrrrud challenge" in the chat window.
  • Play 50 heads-up hands against Dom Twan
  • If you're up after 50 hands (rake excluded), Dom Twan transfers $15 to you.
  • If you're down after 50 hands (rake excluded), you transfer $5 to Dom Twan

Do you want to challenge Dom Twan? Please send an email to [email protected] Put "rrrrud Challenge" in the subject field.

* = Including Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond and, of course, Tom "durrrr" Dwan himself.

A few rrrrud Challenge rules:

You can buy-in for as little or much as you like and rebuy whenever you want. Of course, it's your profit after 50 hands that counts, not how much you have at the table.

If you quit the game before 50 hands have been played, you automatically lose the challenge, no matter how much money you've won at that point.

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