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Sunday Poker Tournaments by the Numbers

3 December 2010, By:
We've had a look at the numbers in the biggest weekly events in online poker, the Sunday tournaments.
img 6256
img 6256

But what do they really mean?


The average number of entrants in PokerStars Sunday Million. Also the number of households in Jackson County, Wisconsin.


The hours you must invest to win the Sunday Million. Also the time it took the American government to receive and decode Nikita Khruschev's settlement message during the Cuban Missile Crisis.


The biggest field ever in Poker Stars Sunday Million (February 21, 2010). Coincidentally the same amount of people who "like" Belgium on Facebook.


Estimated number of min cashes that make up one Sunday Million first prize. With some 8,500 entrants on November 21, 2010, the first 90 players in the money received $309 each. In that same tourney, one first-prize winner stood up with $252,276 to his name.


The biggest prize pool ever in Poker Stars Sunday Million (dollars). According to our sources in Louisiana, this is also the number of shrimps you can stuff into a dismantled Greyhound bus (cooked but unpeeled).


The average number of players who don't win shit in the weekly Sunday Million at Poker Stars.


The number of entrants required to fill up the guaranteed prize pool in Poker Stars Sunday Million. Other poker sites fill up their guarantee quicker: Full Tilt Poker 3,750, Party Poker 1,250, Bwin Poker 1,050, UB Poker 1,000, Winner Poker 670.


Average number of players in the Sunday Warm-Up at Poker Stars. Also the average electricity use in Uruguay per capita (kWh)


The average number of entrants in Full Tilt Poker's $750K Sunday Guarantee. Also the population of Devine, Texas.


The date of the first Sunday Warm-Up at Poker Stars. Also the date Nintendo released Wii.


The amount of dollars missing in the "Sunday Million" name considering that the guarantee amounts to $1,500,000.


The total guaranteed prize pool in all Poker Stars Sunday Millions during 2010. Also what the Redskins will pay Donovan McNabb over the next five years and what Johnny Depp earned for acting in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (according to


The collective, guaranteed prize pool in our guide to Sunday tournaments online - every Sunday. Also what Bodog paid for the domain and The Mid-Level Exception for the 2009/2010 NBA season.


The number of Google hits for Sunday Poker Tournaments. Also the number of hits for Is Canada a Socialist Nation?

Anything you want to add?

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