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SNAFU Word of Week at 2012 WSOP

4 June 2012, By:
One week is down at the 2012 World Series of Poker and while there have been several bracelet winners, at times there's been more attention paid to ancillary issues than to the games being played.
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One week is down at the 2012 World Series of Poker and while there have been several bracelet winners, at times there has been more attention paid to ancillary issues than to the games being played.

Many of these issues are centering around dealer and staff issues, bad rules, and apparent lack of communication by WSOP officials.

Below are some of the issues players have been reporting so far.

Dealer and Floor Staff Problems

There have always been complaints about dealers at the WSOP at some point or another during the event but this year there seems to be much more being said about dealer quality.

While the players may have legitimate complaints about dealers this year, they need to remember the scope of what they are complaining about.

First, the WSOP has to provide enough dealers for multiple events a day as well as satellites, cash games and deep-stacked events.

Also, they are not the only casino in town and they are not the only tournament series being played.

The sheer number of dealers needed versus what is available is going to cause shortfalls at some point.

Remember that many of these dealers may only deal certain games during the WSOP and no other time during the year depending on where they normally work.

If the dealer is bad due to complete ineptness, then obviously say something. However, if your problem is based on how they deal a specific game or based on a couple of mistakes, learn some patience.

With that said, something that players should not have to contend with is bad floor decisions.

On numerous occasions this year, there have been complaints about bad floor decisions.

Brian Hastings mentioned one incident where Vanessa Rousso shorted an all-in call by 1k and the floor staff gave her an option to call or fold the shorted amount. That was an obvious wrong ruling.

While WSOP Tournament Director Jack Effel has reportedly been informed of situations and has reportedly spoken with staffers about these errors, the fact that they occur is not as forgivable as the dealer errors.

Floor staff for the WSOP are supposed to be among the best in the world at what they do and should be well versed in running tournaments. Bad rulings can have a potential significant impact on a player's tournament and this pattern needs to stop sooner than later.

Declaration Rule Causes Stir

A new rule was instituted by the WSOP in the offseason that requires players at final tables to verbalize their action.

This had not been an issue thus far since the WSOP live stream had been having problems through the first four events. Those problems were sorted out but officials did not attempt to enforce the rule until the final few players were reached.

Conveniently, this was after Daniel Negreanu busted out in 5th place. Players tried to protest but were threatened with penalties if they did not comply.

After the final table, this new rule has caused a tremendous uproar by players and almost all agree that this was a bad rule that has no value in a poker game.

The massive uproar caused by this did force Jack Effel to declare that they would now encourage players to declare action, but it is now an optional thing.

We won't even go into the whole retweet controversy that arose in connection with this rule.

Lack of Communication Causes Problems in Re-Entry Event

Event #9, the $1,500 NL Hold'em Re-Entry event, drew some unwanted attention on Sunday when Will "The Thrill" Failla was caught playing Day 1b a second time in the same day.

Apparently the cage was not informed that the WSOP's version of a reentry event is not the same as a casino daily reentry where players can buy-in until the end of a certain level, typically the fourth.

There were reports of others having been caught doing the same but no actual names given.

According to the most recent report, 81 people tried to rebuy and three actually succeeded.

Players will naturally feign ignorance regarding the procedures of the reentry event, but the staff should have been well informed by the WSOP regarding its procedures. They could have saved themselves a lot of headache and embarrassment by doing so.

Not the Best Week Ever

As Kevmath tweeted Sunday night, the WSOP is not having its best week ever. This coupled with other incidents has really upset and turned off several players towards the WSOP.

It is still early and WSOP officials have time to right the ship. Hopefully they will take charge before the event gets renamed the World Series of SNAFU.

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