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Putting Your Opponents on a Range

21 April 2010, By: foldsworth
seraphin goggles
seraphin goggles

Today, all poker experts seem to agree as to the immense value of putting your opponent on a range. What is less clear is what this range might consist of, how to find this elusive range and of course, what to do with this information once obtained.

The good news is I’m working on it. I have started construction of a device that harnesses the awesome power of the Internet to determine all kinds of ranges. With this contraption – based on an original design by Luigi Serafini – you will be able to determine many ranges.

For now, it determines a range of shoe sizes with more than 61.8% accuracy. While this is impressive in itself, it is only the beginning. Due to patent issues I can’t discuss this in much more detail (it involves strangelets, anti-gravity and fuzzy logic), but stay tuned for full-scale mass production.

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  • compncards 25/04/2010 7:39pm (11 years ago)

    Your monkey is inferior

  • Charlie 21/04/2010 3:15pm (11 years ago)

    Hey man you're totally de-ranged lol