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Many-Worlds Theory and Poker

22 February 2010, By: foldsworth
stu wpolo serb
stu wpolo serb

Out of all the possible worlds out there in the multiverse, is it possible that somewhere, Stu Ungar is still alive and not playing poker but water polo? It is definitely worth contemplating. However, I must admit that after thinking about this conundrum for a few hours more questions have been raised than I initially started out with.

Ungar was originally a gin rummy player, which has to be taken into the equation. If (and this is really a big if!) Stu were to play water polo instead of poker, what type of game would substitute for gin rummy? Some differential equations that I hastily put together point to nude mountain biking, but the uncertainties are substantial. Just look at this:


Now you know what I’m talking about; generally speaking, being assailed by a torrent of “what if”-scenarios is one of the consequences of trying to tackle multi-world situations, but since they could all turn out to be true I believe it’s important to put much more, highly expensive research into this.

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